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The Magnificent Handmade Banarasi Silk Sarees "The Real Banarasi Treasure"

Saree is one of the most beautiful attire within itself. And when we talk about Banarasi Silk saree, we know Indian women have always adored them. The rich beauty of these sarees has won the hearts of many. Banarasi silk sarees are popular among women of all ages, religions, and nationalities. It reflects elegance and glamour. They are one of India's most beautiful traditional sarees, and due to their detailed embroidery, they are perfect for celebrations, festivals, and weddings.

BANARASI SILK saree FOR wedding

The bond between a Katan Banarasi Silk saree and an Indian bride has always been strong. Its richness, detailed patterns, and sense of elegance have made it one of the first fashion options for a bride looking to stun in a traditional fashion at her wedding. It has been a key element of the Indian bride's outfit for decades. Banarasi silk never fails to make a woman feel beautiful and elegant. An Indian bride wearing a Red Banarasi silk saree with her solah Srinagar radiates a royal and sensuous beauty that defies description.

All about various red Banarasi Silk Sarees for weddings that you should know to pick up the best one for you.

Banarasi silk saree has been a cultural symbol of India's authenticity. Banarasi sarees are a great style statement not only in India but also around the world, thanks to their complex weaving. Women today consider it a luxury to wear a Banarasi saree for weddings since it enhances their appearance while also adding an earthy touch of India's rich culture and tradition. However, few people are aware of the various styles of Banarasi sarees; most people mistake a zari and silk combination for a Banarasi saree. So we'd like to make sure you're aware of the various varieties of Banarasi Sarees.

Organza (Kora), Georgette saree, Shamir saree, and pure silk (katan) are the four classic variations of this saree. Organza, satin borders, jangla, Brocades, Tanchoi, cutwork, and Resham butidar are among the various variations of Banarasi silk sarees that have unique motifs . Real Banarasi Silk sarees will always have Mughal motifs like amru, ambi and Domak, as well as fine floral and foliage motifs like kalga and bel.

Banarasi Organza handmade sarees online are extremely renowned for their all-weather appeal and graceful appearance. They may or may not have Zari designs, buttis, or borders. Organza Banarasi are also known as Kora silk Banarasi.Organza handmade sarees online are beautifully woven with amazing Embroidery patterns and motifs created by warp and weft. Banarasi Georgettes have also grown in popularity; they typically feature resham embroidery or weaving. Georgette banarasi sarees, has always been a crowd favorite.Georgette sarees are light, delicately woven ,consisting of crepe yarn that is interwoven with both the warp and the weft.

Under the name Banarasi, Shatter is the fabric used to produce trendy and exclusive designs. If woven on Shatir cloth, the Banarasi silk saree for weddings is clearly identifiable by its design. The Katan silk is a Banarasi fabric that is normally created without zari borders and with the softest and heaviest silk. They are appreciated for their exceptional purity and durability. This beautiful cloth can be brocaded or designed in a variety of ways.

Butis, or scattered leaf/ flower motifs, are quite popular and are created in resham or zari, as well as Meenakari designs. Banarasi Katan brocades are manufactured with a time-consuming and labour-intensive technique. The thread of Katan silk saree is made by twisting multiple silk filaments, making it exceedingly tough and resilient. One may steal the style of Bollywood divas while wearing the lovely Banarasi Katan Silk saree.

The Art of weaving India's most beautiful Ethnic Saree "The Banaras saree"

Banarasi sarees were once only made for members of the royal family and have a deep history hidden within their silken weaves. These sarees used to be made from actual gold and silver threads. However, to be affordable nowadays for everyone, the threads have been replaced with coloured gold and silver threads.

It usually takes 15 to 30 days to weave a Banarasi saree. However, it is dependent on the design and pattern complexity. Normally, three weavers are needed to make this saree. The first weaves the saree, the second handle the spinning ring in the bundle-making process, and the third helps with a border design.

It takes a team to make a Banarasi saree. A Banarasi saree should have roughly 5600 thread wires and be 45 inches broad in order to be considered authentic. The artisans create a base that is 24-26 inches long. An artist or the handloom weavers produce design boards by drawing designs and colour concepts on graph paper. After that, punch cards are made before the final pattern is chosen, and hundreds of perforated cards are made to accommodate a single saree design. Different colours and threads are utilised to knit the perforated cards on the loom. After that, the perforated cards are paddled in a systematic manner to guarantee that the main weave picks up the correct colours and patterns.

Why buying handloom Banarasi sarees online from Quresia is a perfect Idea?

The delicate and elegant designs woven all through the six yards of this ethnic clothing make this saree gorgeous. There are still many weavers who use hand-weaving processes to weave exquisite designs with gold and silver threads to create this Banarasi saree, despite advances in technology.

We at Quresia are working to protect the interests of these Varanasi's handloom artists and weaving community, our Banarasi sarees are entirely handmade from spinning to dyeing to graphing to the final weaving process. We take considerable care to ensure that the Banarasi saree we provide to our customers are ethical, sustainable, and purely handmade. When it comes to our Banarasi sarees, we have lovely and gorgeous sarees that are highly popular and are every woman's choice.

Our handloom weavers use zari, motifs, and emeralds ,creating trendy and exotic weavings that are popular among women all over the world.

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