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The Kashmiri Stole made from the most delicate Pashmina

Kashmiri Stoles are regarded as the world's best handicraft, made from the extremely warm and delicate Cashmere threads known as pashmina. The Changthangi Goats fur is known as Pashm in Urdu. This unusual goat can only be found in Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, making Pashmina even rarer and coveted around the world. Kashmiri stole's mystical charm and traditional grace have fascinated kings, royals, and people all over the world. Perhaps it was for this reason that we decided to provide our customers with the exquisiteness and regal demeanour of this centuries-old craft made from the superfine pashmina fabric on our online store. An authentic Kashmiri stole is a fashion piece that never goes out of style.

Kashmiri stole is the choice of everyone, because its fabric, the pashmina, is Extremely Warm. Pashmina has a natural twist that is soft and lofty. It is a Lightweight, thin, breathable fabric and in all frigid climates, it adjusts to the humidity in the airstones making Kashmiri stole beautiful with a graceful droop.

Pashmina's journey, from goat's hair to the exquisite and elegant Kashmiri stole online at our store

Kashmiri Stole has the most refined variant of pashmina, one of the highest quality wools available on the planet. Pashmina fibres have a diameter between 12 and 15 microns. Pashmina or Cashmere wool is difficult to find since it is only produced during a specified time of year by Pashmina goats. Every spring, pashmina goats shed their winter undercoats. A single goat sheds about 80–170 grammes of fibre. Unlike other fine wools, this undercoat is acquired by combing the goat rather than shearing. The Changpa, nomadic people who live on Tibet's Changthang plateau, are the traditional producers of pashmina/Kashmiri wool in the Himalayan area of Ladakh. These areas have a minimum elevation of 13,500 feet above sea level with a winter temperature of -40 degrees Celsius. In these severe climes, the Changpa raise pashmina goats for Kashmiri wool. Then this untreated pashmina is imported to Kashmir. Combing (removal of impurities and guard hair) and spinning, as well as weaving and finishing, are done by hand by professional craftsmen and women. The beautiful Srinagar is the place where the majority of Kashmiri stoles are produced. A single traditional handmade Kashmiri stole (70x200cm) takes approximately 180 hours to produce.

Various types of embroidery adorning the handmade Kashmiri stoles

Kashmiri stoles come with hand-embroidered and woven designs for people who like to style and are fashion aware. There are various types of embroideries adorning the Kashmiri stoles, adding to its value & elegance. A royal Tilla embroidered Kashmiri stole is unmatched in terms of elegance. Tilla is a golden thread used to embroider flowers on Kashmiri stoles borders. A tilla stole has the appearance of a valuable diamond. Papier-mâché stole is made up with a decorative embroidery method with a lot of colours. The threads used in this form of embroidery are thick and Bright motifs are created with satin threads. They can then be highlighted with a black thread to give them a rising appearance. On Kashmiri shawls and stoles, Sozni stitching is done with small needles and silk threads or a "staple" yarn to create complex floral or paisley patterns with super fine single/complementary colours having a glossy and unique effect. The embroidered designs are so detailed that the base of the stole is hardly visible. Sozni requires patience and hard work. Kalamkari is a kind of design method used in Kashmiri stole. Each piece is embroidered with a true work of art. This Kalamkari method is an area of expertise of Najibabadi craftsmen and rafoogar it imitates historic woven designs of the do-rukha Kashmiri Jamawar stoles. It involves combining hand-painted art with creative ornamentation on the stole, as well as highlighting gorgeous flower patterns.

Shop Authentic Kashmiri stoles online that never goes out of style

Pure Kashmiri woollen stole is rare and treasured all over the world. Kashmiri stoles are the most sought-after handmade ethnic products in the world due to the scarcity and high prices of pashmina fabric. Pashmina's mystical charm and traditional grace have enchanted kings, royals, and people all over the world in the past and in the present pashmina is still regarded as the queen of all fabrics. A beautiful handmade Kashmiri stole from this pashmina fabric is a perfect gift for your loved one. You can give a bride a Kashmiri Stole at her wedding to make her special day even more memorable.

Quresia is the place where you will find the Kashmiri stole online you've been looking for.

We provide you with a wide range of handmade Kashmiri stoles online, which are handwoven traditionally. Our Kashmiri stoles are made with the traditional Kashmiri weaving technique that has been passed down through centuries. To create a single handmade stole, our artisans devote a great deal of time and effort to adding complex designs. We have a range of Authentic Kashmiri Pashmina stoles from bright colours to hand embroidery. Our handmade Kashmiri stoles are cruelty-free, ethically traded, and produced in a sustainable manner. Our store is the perfect place for your Kashmiri stole online shopping. Every piece is unique and hence stands out for its exclusivity. After visiting our online store, we hope your search for Kashmiri stole is over.

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